Staying Cool During the Summer if You Wear a Wig

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Posted on June 27 2022

Staying Cool During the Summer if You Wear a Wig

If you wear a wig, you're probably all too familiar with how easy it is to get overheated on a hot summer day. Luckily, there are ways to beat the heat and still wear your wig. These are a few ways to stay cool on a hot summer day if you wear a wig.


Trade Your Human Hair Wig for a Synthetic Wig

Human hair wigs offer a beautiful and realistic look, but they can also be much hotter during the summer months. That’s because human hair wigs are often much heavier than synthetic wigs, making them feel hotter. Synthetic wigs, on the other hand, are made of a lightweight fiber that is two to three times lighter than human hair. This makes synthetic wigs the obvious choice for keeping cool during the heat of the summer.


Switch to a Lighter Color

Believe it or not, the color of your wig can help you stay cooler during the summer months. Dark brown or black shades absorb a ton of heat, which can make you feel much hotter. Therefore, try switching to a lighter color that will absorb less heat and keep you cooler. Don’t worry if you aren’t ready for a drastic change. Even choosing something just a few shades lighter can make a huge difference.


Choose a Shorter Hairstyle or Wear Your Hair Pulled Back

Short hair makes it easier for your body to stay cool during the summer, which means that summer is a great time to try out a short hairstyle you've been considering for a while. Some great examples are short bobs, pixie cuts, and crewcuts. If you wish to wear longer wig styles (shoulder length or longer), you may want to keep a clip handy to pull your hair back. This helps you stay cool while still enjoying the look of long hair.


Consider a Breathable Wig Cap Design for Hot Weather

Some wigs are made with the hair sewn in strips called wefting. This makes a more breathable cap design and may feel cooler if you struggle with overheating during warmer months. You may also wish to choose lower density hair styles to stay cool.


Wear a Halo

Another way to beat the heat is to wear a Halo. A Halo wig is a wig that is meant to be worn with hats only as that top of the head is open and has hair only around that sides and back of the head. This keeps the top of the head cooler and more breathable.


Wear a cloth headband under you wig

Wearing a cloth headband under your wig can help absorb sweat on hot days. This can help keep you cooler and make your wig feel more secure.


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