About H&H

My Story:

On May 28, 2017, I was told three life altering words, “you have Cancer.”  275 days later, I finished my treatments and now I am proud to say that I am a Cancer Survivor. 

Being told that I had Cancer was very emotional and overwhelming.  After being diagnosed, I quickly realized that I would be losing my hair, and I didn’t know what other ways my cancer would affect me and my family. 

Cancer changed me. It knocked me down, but I got back up with more strength and courage than I could ever imagine.  During my treatments, I realized that I wanted to help other fighters and to be able to encourage and inspire everyone that has faced similar battles.

My Cancer journey inspired me to open H&H Boutique - a boutique offering the best synthetic and human-hair wigs for those affected with hair loss illnesses or if you want a fun fashion piece.

Why H&H Is Unique:

We don't just sell wigs, we wear our wigs! This allows us to help guide our customers in purchasing the best wigs while providing a setting that will be comforting, educational, and personal.

Wearing wigs helps me feel better, gives me more confidence, and helps me stay positive. It made me feel more like myself and helped me feel more “normal” when my life was turned upside down. Just like getting your nails done or buying a new outfit, wearing a wig can give you that boost that you so desperately need.

Our mission is to make every single one of our customers smile, feel more confident, and to provide them with hope and healing through this difficult journey.