Toupees in Sioux Falls

Thinning hair and male baldness can affect a man's quality of life and cause them to be self-conscious about their appearance. While there's no permanent cure for hair loss, a toupee or a wig can temporarily solve hair loss problems and improve self-confidence. Let's discuss the differences between the two.


What Is the Difference Between a Toupee and a Wig?

Men use a toupee or wig, depending on the area they want to cover. A toupee is a small hair replacement or piece, usually positioned over the crown, to cover a thinning or balding spot. A wig, on the other hand, covers your entire head, which is ideal for those with larger balding areas or receding hairlines around the sides or back of the head. 


How Long Does a Toupee Last?

With proper care, a toupee can last up to 6 months or more. Some factors that affect how long a toupee lasts are its base design, the materials used, and how well the owner maintains it. If you want it to last longer, get a high-quality toupee and wash it regularly.


Benefits of a Toupee

Toupees are a cost-effective solution to hair loss or baldness. Compared to a wig, a toupee is also less noticeable. However, you must purchase a toupee matching your hair color and style, since toupees don’t cover your full head. You can also easily secure a toupee by using double-sided tape or glue. 


How to Choose the Right Toupee for Your Needs

We recommend getting a toupee made with human hair for a more natural look and feel. With synthetic toupees, it is essential to make sure the toupee matches your hair color and style to achieve a more seamless look. Regardless of what material you choose, our team can help ensure you choose one that matches your hair color (as closely as possible) and suits your skin tone. 

Another consideration is security and comfort. Bonding offers a more secure hold. You can also easily apply and quickly remove tape or adhesives. Your choice when it comes to bonding is a personal one that depends on your lifestyle and needs. You can trust the experts at H&H Boutique to provide guidance on what will work best for you. 

Whether you’re new to toupees or you’ve worn one for years, H&H Boutique is your source for quality toupees in the Sioux Falls area. What sets H&H Boutique apart is that we don't just sell our products; we wear them, too. 


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