Wigs for Kids in Sioux Falls

When to Buy a Wig for Your Child

Supporting children with hair loss can be a difficult journey. One of the best ways to help them is to find the best wigs for kids. Children may wear a wig if they experience hair loss due to medical conditions. Some conditions that may necessitate wigs include alopecia, trichotillomania, and cancer.

Alopecia is a hair loss illness that can affect people of all ages including young children. It is an autoimmune illness whereby the immune system attacks hair follicles. It comes in many different forms and can cause:

  • Bald patches on the child’s scalp
  • Total hair loss on the scalp
  • Total body hair loss

While undergoing treatment, children can use wigs to retain their self-confidence and style. 

Trichotillomania involves kids pulling out their hair, which results in broken hair and missing patches. Others eat the hair they pull out, causing digestive issues. Wigs can protect hair and prevent attempts to pull it out. 


Tips for Parents on Buying Wigs for Kids

The right wig can alleviate kids' stress and make them comfortable. Choosing the best wigs for kids involves a few considerations:


When you invest in a wig for your child, you want it to be one they’ll feel comfortable wearing. Children play a lot and tend to get hot. Long-hair wigs are usually heavier than short-hair options and can tangle easier. Lightweight wigs offer a more aerated experience.


Your child’s wig should look natural and feel good. When getting a wig, consider your child’s hair type and try to match it. The wig's hairline also impacts the overall look, which is why it’s important to select a wig designed with a child’s head in mind. 


How to Care for a Kid’s Wig

Taking care of your kid’s wig promotes longevity and style. When combing the wig, use brushes with metal tines or a wide tooth comb and be gentle. Always comb or brush the wig after removing for the day. It is easiest to maintain when tangles are removed regularly.

When washing a wig, it’s best to use wig shampoo. If your child has a synthetic wig natural hair shampoo can be too harsh and cause damage to the wig. Condition the hair a few times monthly to keep it soft and shiny. Questions about wig care? The team at H&H Boutique doesn’t just sell wigs; we wear them too. Check out our FAQ for more information. 


Why Shop at H&H Boutique

If you're looking for wigs or accessories, such as head wraps or wig maintenance kits, in Sioux Falls, look no further. At H&H Boutique, we provide a compassionate environment where kids can shop for quality lace-front wigs. Our experts can help you select the right wig to restore your child’s confidence and keep them comfortable. Schedule an appointment today!