Amore Wigs

Whether you are seeking exceptional comfort due to hair loss, or scalp sensitivity, or incomparable stylishness to satisfy your inner fashionista, the Amore® 100% Hand-Tied Monofilament Lace Front Collection will give you the look and feel you’ll love to wear.

Amore Wigs: Contemporary Style & Maximum Comfort

Amore wigs are a collection of stylish monofilament lace wigs. These high quality hairpieces are ideal for anyone dealing with hair loss or scalp sensitivity, or if you just want to change up your look. With Amore wigs, you'll get maximum comfort and fashion at an affordable price.

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Why Choose Amore Wigs?

Many women dealing with medical conditions that induce scalp sensitivity or hair loss find Amore wigs to be comfortable enough to wear for hours. Amore Wigs feature double monofilament caps designed with comfort in mind as well as styling versatility.

Lower quality wigs can make you more uncomfortable in hot and humid weather conditions, as well as more susceptible to an itchy scalp! Amore wigs are lighter and much more breathable due to their quality monofilament construction.

Amore wigs are high-quality pieces providing you with many different styling options. With Amore wigs, you get the freedom to showcase your inner fashionista and retain a realistic look.

Different Tastes for Everyone

The Amore wigs collection comes in a range of styles, lengths and colors to fit many different looks. Pick your wig according to a specific color or color blends, styles and length types in many mono tops. Whatever your perfect Amore wig may be, you'll find it in HH Boutique in Sioux Falls, SD! Shop with us today.