Long Hair Wigs

Our Long Style wigs come in a variety of styles and colors.  Choose from Human Hair, Synthetic, and Heat Friendly Synthetic to give you endless styling options to create your very own perfect look.

Get Envious Hair in Minutes With Long Hair Wigs

Long hair wigs are more popular than ever, thanks to social media, celebrities, and everyday women. If you are dealing with hair loss, desire a change of pace, or are just too busy to attain that polished, flowing look every day, a long hair wig is a great option.

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The Advantages of Wearing Long Wig Styles

More women than ever are choosing gorgeous long hair wigs. Whether you need a wig for hair loss, a health condition, a solution for bad hair days, or just want to look your best in everyday life, today’s long wig styles come with many advantages:

1. More Realistic Than Ever

Wigs have evolved by leaps and bounds over the years. With new technology and materials combined with tried-and-true craftsmanship and time-tested elements, wigs can now look exactly like real hair. Lace front wigs can expertly mimic your natural hairline.  Whether you choose human hair wigs or high-quality synthetic hair wigs, you can get a gorgeous natural look.

2. Less Time Spent Styling

It takes much less time to style a wig than your natural hair, and typically wigs only require styling about twice a month. Many busy women find it helpful to purchase a few different long hair wigs for easy day-to-day style switches. 

3. A Great Fit

Whether you are dealing with hair loss or have a full head of hair, a properly fitting long hair wig with a monofilament cap and smart-lace technology has the most form-fitting construction. These wigs will protect your natural hair from the elements and styling chemicals. Certain styles are available in multiple sizes to ensure a better fitting wig.

4. Greater Variety

Wigs provide various styles in just minutes. Our H&H Boutique long hair wig styles are virtually limitless.  We offer a wide variety of human hair or synthetic wig options.  Features may include lace front, monofilament, hand tied, curly, straight, and with or without bangs. Whatever your hair type or preferred style, we have the wig for you.

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