With high-quality materials, layered styles and expert craftsmanship, Noriko wigs are practically indistinguishable from natural hair. Noriko wigs offer a variety of sophisticated styles, from short bobs to flowing waves to bangs artfully swept to the side. These wigs are made for a woman who appreciates class and sophistication and wants her hairstyle to reflect her refined tastes.

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Handcrafted With Precision and Style

Noriko offers a range of lace front wigs, meaning that the synthetic hairs are individually sewn by hand into the lace cap. As a result, the wig sits naturally on your head and has the appearance of hair growing naturally from your scalp.

These wigs are made from high-quality synthetic hair that looks nearly identical to your natural hair. They're soft and flowing and can be cut to tailor for a flattering style. But unlike your real hair, you won't have to deal with frizzy hairs, split ends or tangles. You can have the wispy bangs you’ve always wanted or enhance your style with layers for a bold statement.

Multi-Tonal Technology for Impressive Realism

If you've ever looked at your hair in the mirror, you know that it's not all one color. Your hair is typically darkest at the roots and has various shades and hues. Noriko wigs use multi-tonal technology to capture that multi-hued appearance. These wigs shine in the sunlight and change color in different lighting. The various shades in these wigs give them the impression of natural hair, rather than a wig that was dyed a single color. You'll never find a more realistic wig.

Noriko Wigs

For the fashionable and sophisticated woman looking for quality, comfort, and style, the Noriko Collection has it all. From chic bobs, long layers, and retro styles – Noriko keeps your hairstyle and color story on trend with multi-tonal technology and innovative hand-crafted artistry in each design. Experience the best…you deserve it.