Measuring Your Wig Size Guide

Wig Size Guide

The size of the wig you purchase significantly impacts the wig-wearing experience, from how it looks to how it feels. H&H Boutique wants to ensure you have a wig you adore, so if you’re unsure what size you need or how to make the best choice, our team can help. 

Range of Sizes of Wigs

Available wig sizes include:

  • Child
  • Petite 
  • Petite/Average
  • Average (the most common adult wig size)
  • Average/Large
  • Large

Such a range of size options may seem overwhelming, but this helps wig wearers know exactly what size wig they need based on their head measurements. Compare your head’s measurements to the wig company's sizing chart to ensure you choose the correct option.

How to Measure for a Wig

You can measure yourself for a wig, but it’s typically better to have someone do it for you to increase accuracy. Start with a fabric measuring tape. 

You need three primary measurements:

  1. Measure from one ear over the scalp to the other ear, similar to a classic headband shape place the tape over the very top point of the head. 

  2. Measure from the front of your hairline at the top center of your forehead over the top of your head back to the end of your hairline at the nape of your neck. 

  3. Measure the circumference, similar to the shape of a fabric headband. Start at the same point where you started the second measurement, but this time go around the side of your head to the nape of your neck and around to the other side until the fabric tape measure returns to the front. 

Contact H&H Boutique for Wig-Sizing Assistance

We can help you choose the correct wig size and corresponding wig. Contact H&H Boutique today, so we can obtain proper measurements and offer tips for choosing the best wig for you.