Pick a Wig that Works for You

H&H Boutique is a boutique that offers both human hair and synthetic wigs. The wigs are meant to serve those suffering from hair loss due to various ailments or those looking to don one for fashion purposes. We have worn and tested the wigs that we sell to you. Therefore, we are best suited to help you pick a wig that works for you while giving you the best comfort. You can browse our page to see some of the services we offer. Continue reading to learn more about how to choose the perfect wig for you.

What Style Wig Should I Choose?

When it comes to wig selection, there are thousands of options out there. The experience of selecting your first wig can be daunting, but don't let that put you off. You can go for something similar to your current or previous hairstyle or try a brand-new hairstyle.

What Is the Shape of Your Face?

The shape of your face is the first thing to consider when you want to pick a wig that works for you. Even though you might be intrigued by a particular wig style, it's always important to go with a wig that suits the shape of your face. Make sure the wig you settle on best flatters the shape of your head and face.

What Cap Size Do I Need?

The size of the wig matters a lot. The wig size can be more crucial than the style since it directly affects your comfort. While a small wig won't fit your head, a big one will make you feel uncomfortable. Therefore, it will be crucial to understand what size best suits your head.

Which Type of Hair Option is Best – Human or Synthetic?

There are two major wig hair options to consider. These options are human and synthetic hair wigs. The main difference between these wig types is in the fiber. While synthetic wigs maintain their style after being washed, human hair wigs need to be restyled soon after washing because they are made of natural human hair.

The choice will depend on your particular budget and needs. The best decision is to have a collection of wigs, human hair wigs along with synthetic wigs, as they both have their upsides and downsides.

How Your Daily Life Affects Your Wig Choice

What is your typical day like? It would help if you posed this question while thinking about the wig you will select. Depending on your daily activities might require you to wash and detangle your wigs more frequently. Human Hair wigs tend not to tangle as easily. It is also best to have a well-fitted wig for the most comfort during your daily activities.

Tips for Beginners

Below are some of the tips you can apply if you are new to wigs and wig styling:

  • Get yourself a wig stand or styling head
  • Only use styling products designed for the wig you purchased.
  • Avoid using products simply because they are suitable for natural hair
  • Brush and comb wigs gently and with care
  • Use heat in moderation when styling – only applies to heat-friendly wigs
  • Take time to style your wig and add your own personal touch
  • Adjusting to wearing a wig will take time. Be patient as you grow accustomed to your new look

The Takeaway

Getting a wig can be the best remedy for hair loss from cancer treatment or any other ailment. A wig can also be a good fashion statement that you can select to go with your outfits. You can decide to wear a wig occasionally or on an everyday basis. Whatever your need for a wig is, H&H Boutique is there to offer you the best wig collection and services. Buy your wig from us today!