Tips on Properly Storing Your Wig

Storing a Wig

Storing your wig is one of the most important components of keeping it shiny and smooth for a longer period. There are some great products and methods to help you get the job done, whether you have ample display space or need some bulk storage options.  


How to Store Wigs Without a Wig Head

Not everyone has the space for wig heads, especially if you use a variety of wigs. Instead of delegating it to a drawer where it may get tangled and damaged, consider the following: 

  • Wig hangers: There are a number of different types of wig hangers. You can opt for the wall-mounted option that can accommodate several wigs at once, or there's the wig hanger that you can hang on a rod. 
  • Wig bags: Wig bags are great for wigs that aren't contoured, such as extensions. These vary in size to accommodate different lengths and have a hanger for added convenience. 
  • Wig boxes: Wig boxes are designed to keep the shape of the wig, and some wigs are sold in good quality, durable packaging. You can also purchase wig boxes from retailers. 
  • Household containers and resealable bags: When storing your wig, it's important that you keep it in an airtight container, so it's less likely to dry out or become static. Resealable bags will work well for hair pieces that can be stored flat or if you're running short on storage space. 

How to Store Wigs With a Wig Head 

Wig heads, mannequin heads or wig stands are great at keeping your wigs in good condition. Some tips to keep them looking fresh include: 

  • Prepare the wig: Before placing your wig on a wig head, brush it and ensure the wig is clean. 
  • Secure the wig: When you place the wig on the wig head, ensure there's minimal chance of it slipping off. You'll want to look for any unwanted tension, as it could cause your wig to lose shape. 
  • Cover the wig: Hair nets or caps provide an extra layer of protection, especially if your environment is prone to dust. 
  • Storage in a cool, dry place: The elements can affect your wig. Direct sunlight can cause your wig to discolor, heat can cause your wig to lose shape and humidity can cause mold or must to form on your wig. Ensure your wig is in a cool, well-ventilated area away from sunlight. 

How to Store Wigs for Traveling 

If you happen to be traveling with your wig, storage is the most important element. You would still follow the same care methods to prepare your wig as you would at home. However, when traveling, you need to consider how you will transport the wig. 

Flat pieces such as extensions can simply be packed in a transport bag or resealable bag and packed flat amongst the luggage. For full-head wigs, however, a purpose-made wig transport bag is recommended. Be sure to air out and set your wigs on arrival.