Wigs for Hair Loss

Using Wigs for Hair Loss or Thinning Hair

Whether you are looking for a wig because of partial hair loss or thinning hair, we can help you choose the perfect wig from the variety of products we have. 

Many women can experience hair thinning due to damage or stress. Permanent hair loss or even temporary hair loss or thinning can affect a woman’s self-esteem, but the right hair pieces can help you feel like yourself again! We have a wide selection of wigs and toppers for women with hair loss or thinning hair, so whether you are interested in synthetic hair wigs or human hair wigs, we offer a wide variety of styles, colors and lengths to choose from.

Tips for Choosing the Right Wig for Thinning Hair or Hair Loss

If you are losing hair due to alopecia, female pattern hair loss, chemotherapy for cancer treatments, or any other type of hair loss, the right wig can really help boost your self-confidence. Depending on the severity of loss or thinning, you can choose a full wig for full coverage or a hair topper to cover hair at the crown. 

There are several factors to consider when looking for the ideal hairpieces:

Your Style

You need to decide if you want to match your hairstyle or try something different. Some people take the opportunity of buying a wig to experiment with new looks. Or you might buy a collection of synthetic hair pieces so you can easily change up your look from day to day. 

For many women, though, the safest choice may be to shop for a wig similar to your current hairstyle to help you look and feel more natural. Wigs made from human hair or from higher quality synthetic hair are the best choice if you want to wear the same wig every day.


It is important to figure out how much you will pay for the wig and consider your budget. The cost of wigs varies and can start from the low $100s up to thousands of dollars. Note that human hair wigs are more expensive than synthetic hair.


The wig color you choose doesn’t have to be your natural color, but it should complement your facial tone. We have wigs in many colors and shades to choose from so you get the most flattering look.

Types of Wigs for Hair Loss

The best wig for you depends in part on the type of thinning or hair loss you are experiencing. If you are experiencing thinning all over, a wig will be a great solution. A lace front or monofilament wig is an excellent choice for the most realistic and natural appearance giving you multi-directional parting and natural hairline.

Lace Front

Lace front wigs are great for any wig wearer because these hairpieces give the appearance of a full, natural hairline and look very realistic. 

Monofilament Wigs

These wigs enable wearers to part hair in all directions, allowing you to play around with the style of your wig for a more personalized look.

Hair Toppers

Hair toppers offer coverage to specific areas at the front, sides or top of your head. They blend with your natural hair and give you the appearance of having fuller hair. Hair toppers have different base constructions, with larger bases offering more coverage. This is more of a hair accessory than an actual wig.

Ultimately, the best wigs for hair loss or thinning are the ones that boost your self-confidence! Our shop stocks a variety of wig lengths, styles, and colors. We’ve got you covered when it comes to finding longer wigs for a perfect updo, an easy-to-care-for synthetic bob you can just throw on in the morning, or a high quality human hair wig that looks like your own hair. Some women who wear wigs when they experience temporary hair loss will keep some wigs around even after their own hair grows back just in case of a bad hair day!

Shop our wig collections online or schedule a private appointment with our wig shop in Sioux Falls, SD for service with a personal touch. Let the H&H Boutique help you look and feel your best!