Six Tips for Maintaining Human Hair Wigs

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Posted on March 28 2022

Six Tips for Maintaining Human Hair Wigs

Human hair wigs, like natural hair, require maintenance if you want them to last a long time. It is critical to look after your wigs because you have spent a significant amount of money on a high-quality human hair wig. Here are some hair care tips to help you keep your hair looking as good as new.


Get the Right Products:

If you want to extend the life of your human hair wig and keep it looking good, you should use the recommended product. Ordinary shampoos and conditioners may contain harsh chemicals that permanently damage your human hair wig. It is always recommended to use products specifically designed for human hair wigs.


Comb the Hair Before Washing:

It's crucial to detangle your human hair with a wide comb or wig brush before you begin cleaning it. You'll avoid extra breakage if the human hair wig is tangle free before washing it. Detangling should be done slowly and carefully, starting at the tip and working your way to the base of the cap.


Create a Washing Schedule:

To keep your human hair from drying out and losing its shine, avoid washing it too frequently. For best results, avoid washing more than once a week, but you may go up to a month between washes depending on frequency of wear. Maintaining your wig's natural luster requires you to stick to a routine of good care.  You may also want to consider buying additional wigs to prolong the life and quality of your wigs. This also allows you to wear one wig while the other is being washed and restyled.


Use the Right Process When Washing Your Wigs:

Using the proper process will help bring back its softness and give it a new look.  When cleaning your human hair, consider using the following procedure:

  • Human hair wigs need moisture to maintain their softness because they lack the natural oils produced by our scalps that hair needs to maintain moisture and softness. Therefore, it is essential to use a natural oil to help moisturize your wig between washes. Argon oil is fantastic at keeping the hair strands moisturized and soft.
  • When washing your wig with shampoo, avoid rubbing it to prevent the hair from tangling, which could damage your hair. Instead, when washing it, lather a small amount of soap in your hands and gently work the shampoo through the strands and base until thoroughly saturated, always keeping the hair going the same direction.
  • Rinse to remove the soap: Rinse your hair with cool water, always running the water in the direction of the hair (from top to bottom) until the shampoo is completely removed.
  • Condition your hair: Repeat the same process with the conditioner except remember to avoid the roots of the hair as over conditioning can cause the knots to loosen over time.
  • Dry the hair: When drying the hair, use a dry towel to remove the excess water blow-dry on low heat to avoid damaging it.

Style Your Wig:

Human hair wigs can get styled in a variety of ways, much like biological hair. For the best results, be gentle when styling your wig, avoid high heat, and use recommended products such as thermal protectant and serums designed for human hair wigs.


Proper Storage:

The lifespan of your human hair wig gets determined by how you store it. To keep your wig in good shape, you should store your wig on a wig stand or Styrofoam head. You should also keep your wig away from a heat source to avoid drying out and becoming dull. Remove tangles from your hair before storing it to keep it in good shape for the next time you wear it. 


If you would like to learn more about human hair wigs, please feel free to contact H&H Boutique.

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