Ways to Prevent Synthetic Hair From Getting Ruined

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Posted on February 11 2022

Ways to prevent synthetic hair from getting ruined

Ways to Prevent Synthetic Hair From Getting Ruined

When you wear a synthetic hair wig, it can wear out quickly if you do not take proper care of it. Though your hairpiece will be fresh when it comes out of its original packaging, it needs proper maintenance to extend its longevity. Here are some expert methods to prevent your synthetic wig from getting ruined and make it last longer.


Only Use the Right Cleaning Products

Unlike when you wash your natural hair, synthetic hair washing requires special shampoos and other styling products that are designed for synthetic hair fibers. Using products intended for natural hair can ruin your wig and make you need to replace it sooner. Specifically, the damage that incorrect cleaning products can do is dry out your synthetic hair. To properly clean your wig, you should only buy products tailored for use with synthetic hair.


Store It Properly

When you are not wearing your synthetic wig, you must store it the right way to prevent it from cold crimping and affecting the integrity of the style. The best devices for wig storage are metal or plastic wig stands or styrofoam heads. After detangling your wig, you may want to mist with water before storing to remove kinks from styling if your hair was styled with an updo, braid or ponytail. Additionally, you should store your synthetic hair away from direct sunlight or heat sources. Finally, be sure to keep it out of a humid environment such as a bathroom or laundry room. This will go a long way towards preventing the breakdown of the fibers that make up your synthetic wig.


Do Not Expose Your Wig to Excessive Heat

Both when you are wearing and not wearing your synthetic hair, you should make sure to keep it away from excessive heat. This means not to use any heat tools such as curling or straightening irons on your wig unless your wig has been made with a heat friendly synthetic fiber. Since regular synthetic hair has a low melting temperature, heat products can destroy and melt your wig. Also be careful when cooking over a hot stove or oven. Bursts of high heat or steam can singe the synthetic hair fibers. *Tip, if you are opening your oven door, lean back away from the oven to avoid the initial burst of heat that will surge from the oven. Less heat exposure will prolong the lifespan of your synthetic wig.


If you would like to learn more about synthetic wigs, please feel free to contact H&H Boutique.

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